Getting the right POS system for a restaurant

Which POS system for my restaurant?

Restaurants point of sale systems requires specific features to ensure it will be adapted to their activity. All POS systems do not have the ability to ensure the right management of a restaurant, a bar or a café. This article sums up the main features you need to care about in order to make sure to get a POS solution which will provide the best experience possible to your customers.


Simplified orders

A good point of sale solution for a restaurant is much more than a basic cash register. New POS systems offers an intuitive platform tailored for making your waiters more efficient and to reduce the risk of errors. Your waiters will have more time to spend with each clients, and they will be able to give them useful advice and information about the food or wine pairing, provided directly by the platform. Make sure your point of sale offers the possibility to the waiter to place orders easily and quickly from the table, and that orders are sent automatically to the kitchen. It will save time, and avoid having servers running back to the kitchen. Your waiters need to have the possibility to easily modify orders, to note which items will be shared, and to check which orders have already been sent to ensure customer satisfaction. A point of sale for restaurant also needs to be flexible, a customizable menu feature can be really useful. This feature allows to serve food or drinks with multiple modifiers options and to add special requests, allowing to adapt yourself easily to customer’s taste and will.

An optimized table management and reservation system

Table management is an important feature a good point of sale for a restaurant needs to provide. Your waiters need to have the possibility to check easily, which tables are available with the number of chairs at each of them, and to be able to transfer tables easily. They also need to be able to check quickly at which stage of their dinner each table is. This feature offers to turn over tables efficiently and faster without making dinner feel rushed for customers. Reservation management needs to be powerful to ensure no mistake are made, and that they are carefully entered in the system and directly connected to the table management system. Most point of sale systems are now offering the possibility to send an automatic sms to the customer who booked when the table is ready. Moreover, a lot of restaurants are now offering a take away option as part of their activity. Take away orders have to be properly managed, orders needs to be sent automatically to the kitchen without taking part of the table management system.


Payment: the end of the nightmare

Considering the payment, to ensure the satisfaction of customers, POS system can offer the possibility to combine different ways to pay such as gift card, voucher, debit card or cash. Another feature really interesting in order to increase your customer experience is the possibility to divide the bill really easily and quickly to avoid the nightmare of calculation and errors. Customers can choose which items will be paid separately or shared. Receipts can be naturally printed for your customers but now, it also exists the possibility to offer to send them an environmentally friendly ticket directly using email.


A powerful back office, a real time management

Finally, a good point of sale system would be nothing without a good back office system which allow you to manage your restaurant efficiently. A good back office system provide real time information and analytics about your entire business. It offers an inventory management system, which is really important as it tracks ingredient inventory levels which then will help you to manage your replenishment orders to ensure you will never have an ingredient out of stock. Inventory management is also important for the bar, and some point of sale systems integrate a liquor control interface which will allow you to have a comprehensive inventory tracking. Web POS system allows you to track real time information about your restaurant wherever using the mobile device you want as your data will be automatically stored in the cloud, allowing you to have a perfect control of operations at any time.


How many POS device for my restaurant?

The last thing which is important to consider is the number of POS platform your restaurant will require. Usually, one POS platform is perfect until 5 users, then you will need to consider getting more devices, to ensure to keep an efficient and quick system.

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