We understand that ERP has an image problem. ERP is expensive, complex and time consuming - This is the common perception and true for most of the ERP solutions that are focused on large corporations. For this reason the entire SME sector has been neglected and although small and medium business wants to implement an ERP solution for their business and process automation, they are unable to afford it.

Connect Seven Solution's ERP solution, known as VantagePoint has its primary client focus in the SME sector. We have developed a solution where modules can be deployed in minutes, trained in few hours and go live in a day. Yes, just in a day! The solution has been customised for various business verticals. Retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, service providers, tourism, hospitality, transport and logistics are some of the verticals for which specialised automation solution is available.

The Enterprise version of the VantagePoint solution designed to large corporations that requires heavy customisation, complex automation and heavy integration. The agility of VantagePoint enables us to provide maximum customisation, seamless migration from legacy system that is scalable and robust.

VantagePoint code base is taken from Openbravo open-source project. All the open-source modules of Openbravo are available and customisation to local Malaysian and other client requirements are built on top of the open-source code. Professional modules of Openbravo such as Production Management, Project and Service Management modules are not available in VantagePoint, but they are built separately by Connect Seven Solution. Customer Relationship Management, Quality Control, Bar-code generation, Human Resource and Payroll Management (based on Malaysian regulations), various Accounting features, Material Forecasting etc are VantagePoint modules that are not available in Openbravo. However, these VantagePoint modules are built in a way that they can be installed in any Community or Professional installation of Openbravo.

All VantagePoint modules are compatible with Openbravo Community and Professional version.

VantagePoint Editions

Enterprise Edition

Office Edition

  • Full featured ERP solution
  • 100% customiseable
  • Ideal for manufacturing industry or any business that has high customisation requirement
  • Longer implementation plan (2 months and above)
  • Available in cloud as well as on-premise installation
  • Supports all Openbravo Community and Professional Modules
  • A standard modules that is packaged together to give SMEs a quick, easy and yet effective entry to the ERP domain.
  • Customised for Malaysian businesses (available for other countries too)
  • GST ready
  • Setup, configuration, implementation and training - All in two weeks.
  • On-site training provided for clients in Malaysia.
  • Available in cloud as well as on-premise installation


Comparison between VantagePoint and Openbravo