Implementation Center of Excellence

RAWN Technologies offers the best implementation expertise on the Openbravo ERP

Openbravo is a best-fit ERP for SME businesses that offers extensive customization features, adaptability, scalable architecture and best integration possibilities.

The open source Openbravo Community platform is one of the most popular ERPs in the market. Being in the market for more than 16 years, the Openbravo platform has been successfully implemented in 1000's of companies across the globe successfully.

Openbravo is a full feature composable with modules that include Financial Accounting & management, Procurement Management, Warehouse Management, Sales Management, Project & Services Management, Manufacturing Management, Retail Management and Master Data Management for the Enterprise. Openbravo is most suitable for small and midsize businesses looking for a full fledged, and works very well for Services industries. Openbravo is also a very good fit as an ERP for Retailers too, because it has an independent but well integrated Web POS and Delivery and Task Fullfillment platform and also has prebuilt connectors to the Magento ecommerce platform, thus enabling an ERP that can fulfill the needs of a multi-channel retail operation extremely well.

Development Center of Excellence

RAWN Technologies has a fairly large team of technology specialists trained on the Openbravo Platform. Through our years of experience in implementing Openbravo for customers, we have acquired skills that allowed for complex customizations on the platform. We bring that experience and knowledge on Openbravo implementation projects.

RAWN can work on complex needs customers may have on the Openbravo platform, and all in a manner that ties in neatly with recommended development and extendability practices, and in a manner that doesn't prevent future migration and upgrade features available with the platform.